Capacity Building  


As an Executive Director, you work an incredible amount of hours to ensure that your non-profit has money coming in the door and that you are fulfilling your mission through sustainable services. At times, it can feel like the details and the “business side” of the equation overshadow the main reason you initially signed up to be an Executive Director.

Our Capacity Building solution is designed to support Executive Directors and their teams on the biggest issues they face as a non-profit organization -- time & money. Funding challenges, disengaged board members, and lack of documented internal processes, can be incredibly frustrating and are significant pain points for many non-profit leaders.


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Core Areas of Focus 

Diversifying Donor Strategy & Management

Succession Planning

Board Development & Governance

Program Administration

Program & Service Evaluation


Our Clients Engage Us In The Following Ways



Select 20, 40, or 60 hours per month. Because we value our relationships, we designate on-site time each month where we are 100% focused on your organization



You tell us what you need and then pay a flat, one-time fee.



Have an immediate need?  We may be able to help, and if so, charge you a flat hourly rate for what it takes to get it done.