Capacity Building Consortium  


A new and affordable way to build capacity of nonprofits – wrapped up in a simple package.

We guarantee positive change and a measurable impact.

For us, capacity means having: an action plan to diversify donor streams, a documented succession plan, a process for managing volunteers, compliance with Human Resource regulations, recruiting qualified board members, a vibrant and healthy staff (physical, mental, social, and financial), professional development opportunities and workshops for staff such as Communicating Clearly and Project Management…and most importantly, more time to proactively serve your mission.

Capacity Building Consulting

Dedicated consulting team

Team Training and Development

Team training & development

Employee Wellness Challenges

Employee wellness challenges


How it works:

Critical care for your nonprofit and its employees. By using a subscription-based model, this consortium provides affordable and direct access to a team of non-profit experts who work with your organization every month.

Members receive*:

• 50 hours of direct consulting and capacity building support (onsite + virtual)

• Team training and development sessions (quarterly, 1-hour, virtual)

• Employee health and wellness challenges

• Monthly newsletter

• Other resources such as templates and forms

*Annually. Otherwise, months are prorated. 


Who is it for:

Any nonprofit located within the United States.



$179 one-time enrollment fee;

then, $489/month

Payment Accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Check

Consortium start date:

Enrollment is now open. The next cohort will begin Feb. 2020.

Download the Full Consortium Calendar


Have more questions?

Send us a note at or call us at 919.729.6106