Employee Health and Wellness  


As the go-to leader responsible for your organization’s employee health programs, we all share the same big challenges -- no budget and/or lack of bandwidth to implement ideas. On top of it, this noisy $7.6 billion industry makes it challenging to select effective programs that won’t break the bank.

So, what to do? There is no ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to employee health programming. Regardless of whether this role is your full-time position, or you do it on the side because you’ve been ‘voluntold’, we have discovered a new way to work together and find better solutions.



Flexible Solutions for your Business

Our Employee Health and Wellness solution is one-of-a-kind. We offer organizations the opportunity to tap into leading health and wellness experts who currently run programs in other organizations.

Our teams are composed of academic leaders, industry benefit executives, and Master’s and PhD students from UNC-Chapel Hill (go Tar Heels!) -- all ready to take some weight off of your shoulders by solving the problems you’re facing as the employee health leader. (Yes -- this is even for small businesses too!)

Our rationale for this solution: currently, a lot of industry experts are all working toward the same objectives -- through collaboration on a fractional basis, we can have a much larger impact and help others who need it most.


Core Areas of Focus

Program Design on a Shoe-String Budget

Integrated Benefits Design

Program Implementation

Process Improvement and Refinement


Communication Strategies


Our Clients Engage Us In The Following Ways



Select 20, 40, or 60 hours per month. Because we value our relationships, we designate on-site time each month where we are 100% focused on your organization



You tell us what you need and then pay a flat, one-time fee.



Have an immediate need?  We may be able to help, and if so, charge you a flat hourly rate for what it takes to get it done.