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Seriously? How do you hire the top 3% of talent?

Our team is thoroughly vetted and one of a kind. Think purple squirrel. We actively seek out the “cream of the crop” and look for individuals with cross-functional skill sets, who think outside-the-box, and are able to switch between high level strategy thinking and getting in the weeds. Kindness, compassion, and trust are required.

How much will a project cost me? ...’cause my hard earned money doesn’t grow on trees!

Ahhhhh, the question of the year! The short answer is that every product is built to scale and therefore, in order to determine its value for your company, we need a few more details. 

We keep our prices reasonable – we want them to be accessible to any company, regardless of budget or size. Typically, our solutions range on average from $12k-$20k. In addition, we want to be a partner, which means that your success, is our success. Our model is very agile too, and in order to keep our prices reasonable, we don’t have high overhead costs. We work out of our homes, in shared workspaces, and collaborate virtually (or sometimes over a beer).

Do you guarantee outcomes? How?

Yes, we guarantee outcomes. Part of the initial exploration includes setting expectations with all stakeholders involved. This means that we identify what ‘success’ means for each project, and if we cannot meet it, then we don’t engage. 

Of course, there are times when life happens. But, our model compensates as much as possible for these events which is why the beauty of a well-designed team and partner is paramount.

Why would I hire a ‘generalist’ company versus experts who ‘specialize’ in what I need?

Yes, we are industry agnostic, and our projects span a wide variety of topics. 

Here’s why: By focusing on skills (hard and soft), we believe that experience combined with versatility and wit, breeds success. Therefore, we bring together top talent from all backgrounds to tackle business roadblocks from entirely new perspectives – this means everything from Blockchain to Learning and Development to Employee Wellness. 

Our model is elastic, and allows us complete flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of our world.