Human Resources  


Our HR Solution Helps Small Business Owners Sleep Well

We understand that small businesses do not need (and cannot afford) a full-time HR Manager, so we’ve created a flexible solution that allows organizations to tap into a full-service HR team, only when they need it most.

As a small business owner, there’s a good chance that problems have kept you up at night (or multiple nights). Whether it’s trying to make payroll, an employee conflict, or how to engage more clients, every business owner understands the adventures (good and bad) of growing a business. Our solution gives small businesses peace of mind by providing:

1) Policies, procedures, and files that are in compliance with federal and state regulations

2) Teams who are engaged and invested

3) A trusted resource as employee issues come up

Every organization employs people, and when it comes to running a company, the complexity of balancing leadership decisions versus legal ones become challenging.


Core Areas of Focus

Compliance, Policies, and Procedures

Strategy And Alignment

Employee Relations

Talent Acquisition and Management

Engagement and Retention


Our Clients Engage Us In The Following Ways



Select 20, 40, or 60 hours per month. Because we value our relationships, we designate on-site time each month where we are 100% focused on your organization



You tell us what you need and then pay a flat, one-time fee.



Have an immediate need?  We may be able to help, and if so, charge you a flat hourly rate for what it takes to get it done.