In this rapidly changing world, we believe there are two principles for organizational success: human-centered design and simplicity.

We select projects and team members who understand the power of kindness and designing solutions that have a positive, social impact. In addition, simplicity provides focus and clarity - stripping out the unnecessary complexities.



Case Study: Housing as Healthcare-A Tiny Homes Village for Clients with Severe Mental Illness

Capacity Building + Board Development + DONOR Strategy

By having strong Board engagement, diverse donor streams, and efficient processes, nonprofits accelerate opportunities to meet their mission. However, many are always having to adapt to transitions in funding, staff, and services. We assembled a flexible team of non-profit experts with experience in donor development, operations, and strategy.

Our work together included:

•Updating Board infrastructure and governance to meet evolving changes in services

•Developing systems for relationship management including reviewing and updating the Policy and Procedure Manual, creating a continuity and contingency plan, and other applicable operations reviews

•A strategic planning session and developing an annual plan to set goals for the upcoming year

•Strengthening systems for funding and donor development through diversifying partnership opportunities and creating policies for fundraising


Case Study: Hiring for a Bright Tomorrow-Empowering Leaders Who Work with At-Risk Youth

Fractional Human Resources + Process & Quality Improvement + Compliance Review

Every organization employs people, but people are the most unpredictable product out there. When organizations have staff turnover in key roles, or they grow so quickly there is an urgent need to shift direction, a strong Human Resource function is crucial to business sustainability -- financially and culturally. We assembled a team of diverse HR professionals with experience in strategy and operational alignment.

Our work together included:

•Reviewing all employee policies, procedures, and files to make sure they meet current state and federal regulations

•Acting as the interim HR Director so the employees had a resource for all of their benefits needs

•Developing job descriptions designed to attract mission-focused talent

•Increasing onboarding efficiency by streamlining processes and incorporating small acts of kindness that increase employee engagement


Case Study: Identifying Factors for Sustainability of Community Health Programs

Research Administration + Data Oversight + Implementation

When universities and other research organizations receive grant funding, Principal Investigators need project teams who can swiftly come in and execute on a project plan, ensure fidelity of data, and manage tight timelines. With limited funding, staff turnover, and multiple stakeholders, however, research administration can quickly become complex. We assembled a team that included a senior project manager, data advisor, and research coordinator to plan and implement a community-based participatory research study.

Our work together included:

•Project management and administration including IRB applications, staff trainings, timeline and project management

•Data oversight and collection including setting up data tracking systems and processes to ensure the fidelity of the data collected

•Recruited and trained data collection teams

•Developed a Community Toolkit - a step-by-step guide for health program implementation

•Acted as a liaison between the community stakeholders and the internal research team

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