Value + trust + empathy = success.


We partner with organizations that put people first because kindness and compassion matter - especially in business. Whether it’s to expand bandwidth, provide outside perspectives, or add expertise, our teams are here to support you.

And, when we’re finished, the intention is that every project will produce a lasting impact - for you, your employees, and our communities.


Here’s how:


01. Assessment

We learn about you, and you learn about us. A team conducts a FREE assessment to discover your most important needs.



Based on the results, you select the core areas of focus. Then, we work together to create a sustainable solution that you will benefit from for years to come.


Up to three dedicated Change agents, one acting as the Lead, work as an extension of your team.



As implementers, we do the hard work and heavy lifting. You enjoy the positive impact.

A few of our favorite projects:


Mental Illness and Homelessness

Housing as Healthcare: A Tiny Homes Village for Clients with Severe Mental Illness

By having a clear vision and mission, strong Board and leadership, diverse relationships, and processes for operations, nonprofits accelerate opportunities to meet their mission. However, many are always having to adapt to transitions in funding, staff, and services. My Change Agent created a flexible model that brought in the right experts at the right time, depending on the priority and focus.   


Purposeful Hiring for Nonprofits: Empower the Millennial Mind

Who is this for?

Growth-minded nonprofits.

What’s the obstacle?

Every company wants to avoid a mis-hire or turnover, especially when it comes to investing in young talent. But attracting and retaining employees isn’t just a matter of finding the right candidate—it’s also about building (or emphasizing) a culture that will incentivize them to stay. For Millennials, it's about more than just an enticing paycheck.

How do we overcome it?

By 2025, it is estimated that Millenials will make up as much as 75% of the workforce.[1] In addition, the data generally says that Millennials want purposeful work. Nonprofits have a competitive advantage over traditional companies in attracting this workforce due to their mission-focused cultures. We position you to refocus your hiring efforts to both engage and retain employees who share your ideology.

[1]According to Brookings

Every company has complex challenges. Do you need extra bandwidth? A fresh point of view? Outside expertise? Let’s talk. One of our teams may be able to help.