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We partner with organizations that put people first because kindness and compassion matter - especially in business. By building relationships and expanding networks, we all benefit in the value of shared resources.

Organizations collaborate with us for many different reasons and types of projects. Whether it’s to expand bandwidth, provide outside perspectives, or add expertise, our teams are here to support you.

And, when we’re finished, the intention is that every project will produce a lasting impact - for you, your employees, and our communities.


Purposeful Hiring for Nonprofits

Empower the Millennial Mind

You might be tempted to roll your eyes, but it’s true: Young talent is looking for “purpose” in their work. At the same time, nonprofits have an intrinsically mission-focused culture, and therefore a competitive advantage at hiring one of the largest generations in the workforce today. We help you refocus your hiring efforts to engage and retain employees who share your ideology.

Purposeful Hiring for Nonprofits: Empower the Millennial Mind

Who is this for?

Growth-minded nonprofits.

What’s the obstacle?

Every company wants to avoid a mis-hire or turnover, especially when it comes to investing in young talent. But attracting and retaining employees isn’t just a matter of finding the right candidate—it’s also about building (or emphasizing) a culture that will incentivize them to stay. For Millennials, it's about more than just an enticing paycheck.

How do we overcome it?

By 2025, it is estimated that Millenials will make up as much as 75% of the workforce.[1] In addition, the data generally says that Millennials want purposeful work. Nonprofits have a competitive advantage over traditional companies in attracting this workforce due to their mission-focused cultures. We position you to refocus your hiring efforts to both engage and retain employees who share your ideology.

[1]According to Brookings

Revolutionizing Your Startup

Strategize, Rebalance, and Execute

It's the big fear of every startup and small business: unsustainable scaling, then burnout. Leaders often don't even see it happening until the game is over. By “getting in the weeds” and rebalancing your focus, your company can become more agile and reach overall business sustainability.

Revolutionizing Your Startup: Strategize, Rebalance, Execute

Who is this for?

Startups and small business (with 250 employees or less).

What’s the obstacle?

Continual progress, growth, and sustainable solutions are key to a startup’s success—and yet, these budding companies often lack resources to execute all of their ideas. Lack of execution leads to gaps in process, frustration, and eventually chaos. Resource reallocation becomes continuous rather than cyclical.

How do we overcome it?

In short, through complete disruption. We go granular, focusing on value creation; everything from stakeholder buy-in, to investor expectations, to organizational structure and procedures. We do what it takes to plug the biggest holes quickly, ensuring we don’t end up underwater before the ship sinks.


Breaking Habits by Going “Glocal”

Develop a Decentralized Leadership Model

Billions are spent globally on leadership training and development—but where is the ROI? Rather than addressing employee inefficiencies, we help you pin down the systemic issues behind the problem by company divisions.  We completely disrupt those systems, producing a domino effect of sustainable behavior change.

Breaking Habits by Going “Glocal”: Develop a Decentralized Leadership Model

Who is this for?

Large, decentralized companies.

What’s the obstacle?

$156b is spent on leadership training and development in the United States, while $356b is spent globally.[1] This investment is not only unsustainable, but ineffective—especially in decentralized workforces, where employees face different cultures and laws. The emphasis needs to be placed on system change, rather than individual performance.

How do we overcome it?

Our method involves a “divisional” approach to leadership training and development. By treating each division as a standalone company and assessing how it functions—both within itself and as part of the larger whole—opportunities will surface to create more effective and sustainable behavior change. Then, we’ll develop a robust strategy for how the pieces fit (or don’t) with the rest of the organization. After that, it’s all about putting things into practice.

[1]According to the Harvard Business Review.


These product packages are formulated for positive, measurable impact. They are also intended to catalyze change on a company-wide scale: As we work to overcome obstacles in one area, other divisions should see the ripple of that progress. Our work can be swift or incremental, with built-in testing and refinement. It all depends on the challenge and your business needs.

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