Research Administration


As an academic or institutional researcher, you built your career through countless hours of demanding work, adversity trying to balance family and career, and navigating funding streams that may or may not play out (e.g. grants). Throughout the adventure, however, you recognize the impact of high quality teams for continued success.

Our Research Administration solution is designed to support researchers who have new or ongoing research studies in the fields of public health or social sciences -- providing a short-term solution for staffing changes, project planning and/or implementation, and evaluation.

Photo courtesy of Discover Durham

Photo courtesy of Discover Durham


As funding comes in or staff turns over, it is challenging to fill part-time Project Manager positions with limited and short-term funding. We offer a solution that provides a high quality research project administration team, who are able to deliver on tight timelines and within budget.

Our core areas of focus include:

  • Project Administration (Planning and Implementation)

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Management

  • Program Evaluation

  • Marketing and Communications Support

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Advisors

  • Trainings for Junior Faculty or Graduate Students (Project Management, Grant Writing)


Our clients engage us in a variety of ways:

Monthly Retainer

Select 20, 40, or 60 hours per month. Because we value our relationships, we designate on-site time each month where we are 100% focused on your organization.


You tell us what you need and then pay a flat, one-time fee.


Have an immediate need?  We may be able to help, and if so, charge you a flat hourly rate for what it takes to get it done.