We are a consulting firm, with a twist.  

collaboration is the new norm.


Our on-demand teams support small businesses, nonprofits, universities, foundations, and startups.

We solve the problems that cost your organization time and money - by providing project-based or retained solutions.

As partners, we expand your bandwidth, provide outside perspectives, and add expertise.

Do you have complex challenges? Let’s talk.

Research Administration

Research Administration

Time-limited funds & no staff resources
No bandwidth for analysis & evaluation
No time for grants or manuscripts
IRB and compliance complexity

Human Resource Consulting


Staff turnover
Lack of manager training
Difficult conversations with employees
Non-compliance of regulations

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

No succession plan
Disengaged board members
Fiscal sustainability & fundraising challenges
Staff burnout

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Capacity Building Consortium

Employee Health and Wellness

Employee Health & WellBEING

Disconnected strategy
Lack bandwidth for implementation
Low employee engagement
Limited program budget



Kindness and compassion are required.

Our human-centered mission: To make a positive impact in our community where we live, work, and play.

Being kind isn’t just the ethical thing to do, it’s good for business and our communities. We believe significant value is created through building authentic relationships that are considerate, inclusive, and empathetic.

Bottom line: We’re here to help you.



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