We are a boutique, management consulting firm with a twist.

collaboration is the new norm.


Your organization has complex challenges, but do you have powerful solutions? Let’s talk.

We assemble on-demand teams of industry execs, subject matter experts, and implementers to work on business projects. As partners, we expand your bandwidth, provide outside perspectives, and add expertise. When applied, our teams open up new pathways and approaches for purpose driven work.

OUR human-centered MISSION? To make a positive impact in our communitY where we live, work, and play.

By working together, the outcomes are much larger.

We help Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Universities, Foundations, and Startups

Our approach is pretty straightforward: we mix things up and rock the boat, and we do it with honesty, kindness, and compassion. Our teams bring their diverse experiences, multiple perspectives, and skills-based competencies to help your business succeed.

Our teams solve the problems that cost your company time and money - by providing project based or retained solutions.

Fractional Human Resources

Staff turnover
Employee conflict
Incomplete employee records
Non-compliance of regulations

Capacity Building

Lack of succession planning
Disengaged board members
Fiscal sustainability & fundraising challenges
Staff burnout

Employee Health & WellBEING

Disconnected strategy
Lack bandwidth for implementation
Low employee engagement
Limited program budget

Research Administration

Time-limited funding & restricted staff resources
Lack bandwidth for data analysis & evaluation
No time to write new grants or manuscripts
Need to quickly assemble & train data collection teams

 Our Unique Solution

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